Avoid School Bus Accidents This School Year

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school bus stop signIt may not seem possible, but school is back in session all across the United States. That means that school buses will once again be making their stops throughout the day to pick up and drop off kids all over town. Your morning and afternoon commute may take a few minutes longer than usual, so make sure you make arrangements to make up the time lost.

While driving behind a school bus on its route can be inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. The frequent stopping and going of buses can make some impatient drivers restless. They may try to beat the next bus stop by speeding up and passing the school bus. This is not a good idea considering whenever there are school buses present, there are usually children present as well. Instead of speeding past buses, a better solution would be to avoid bus routes whenever you can by finding alternate roads to travel that may not have as many bus stops.

Also, be sure to always abide by the school bus’ lights. If the lights start flashing yellow, it means the bus is about to make a stop. You should slow down and pay extra attention to your surroundings. Once the lights turn red, the bus will come to a complete stop and either let kids on or let them off. Wait until the lights are completely off and then survey the area for pedestrians. Once it is all clear, you can begin driving again.

Staying safe when sharing the road with school buses is as simple as staying alert and always paying attention to your surroundings. Remember, those buses hold the future of our world inside. Keeping our country’s youth safe is important. Call us if you have any questions about driving or how your auto insurance could be affected in an accident situation.

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