Restaurant Liability Insurance Facts

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A part of running a successful restaurant includes being able to insure your restaurant properly. Your restaurant is a place full of moving parts, and most importantly, hungry customers. Therefore, accidents or illnesses may occur and as the owner, preparation is key. To help you learn more about your insurance options for your restaurant, here is some information about possible liabilities to keep in mind and talk to your agent about!

General Liability is a crucial policy that anyone who owns a restaurant should carry. This policy will protect your restaurant if someone injures themselves on your property. Imagine being sued if someone slipped in your restaurant? The road ahead would be a long (and expensive) one. This policy also protects you if someone becomes sick after eating food at your restaurant.

Liquor Liability is required if your restaurant sells alcoholic beverages to patrons. This policy is tied together with obtaining a liquor license. Once you obtain the license be sure to insure your restaurant with a liquor liability policy. Liquor liability will protect you if a customer cause’s harm to themselves or others after having one too many drinks at your restaurant.

Food Contamination Insurance is a helpful policy to have if you are at risk of losing power in your restaurant. For example, after a power outage your freezer will no longer be able to keep your food fresh, which can lead to spoilage and an increase in costs. With this policy, your insurance will pay to have your food products replaced. Food contamination insurance can help your restaurant bounce back after losing food due to spoilage that was out of your control.

Commercial Automobile protection is an insurance policy that can protect your company’s vehicle. Automobile liability insurance is crucial if your restaurant offers delivery services. It is also useful if your restaurant uses any truck or large vehicle to carry food for catered events or parties.

Running a great restaurant is difficult as it is, so why not let experienced agents take care of your insurance inquiries and concerns? Give Farmington Insurance Agency a call today to learn more about how to protect your restaurant or other business!

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