4 Car Insurance Myths Explained

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You may have heard some statements about auto insurance in the past. While some of them might be true, there are countless myths and misconceptions about auto insurance out there. So, in order to clear up some of these fallacies we have explained the actual facts behind 4 common car insurance myths.

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Myth #1: Your premiums will be higher if your car is red.

Fact: While red cars tend to be more likely to be pulled over by police for traffic violations, the idea that your insurance premiums will be higher due to the color is not true.

Myth #2: If someone borrowed your car and gets into an accident, they are responsible for the related expense.

Fact: Despite common belief, auto insurance policies follow the car, not the particular driver. So if someone driving your car gets into an accident, as the owner of the car you and your insurance are responsible for any damages, expenses, repairs, etc.

Myth #3: Items stolen out of your car are covered through your car insurance policy.

Fact: If personal possessions in your car – such as a wallet or electronics- are stolen or damaged, they are actually covered by homeowners or renters insurance plans instead of auto insurance.

Myth #4: You only need to worry about car theft if your vehicle is new or sporty.

Fact: Studies have shown that car thieves actually prefer older vehicles when choosing their targets, since these are typically easier to break into and steal than newer models with advanced security features. Surprisingly, a report from 2007 revealed that the three most commonly stolen vehicles are the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry.

If you’ve heard any of these myths before, don’t be fooled! For more information about car insurance from agents you can trust, call the team at Farmington Insurance today.

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